Love-Hate Relationship

Who doesn't love something new? Because something new usually means a celebration. A birthday. An anniversary. A shower. A graduation. Because something new could also mean a change. A move. A job. A trip. A haircut. Because something new might be necessary. Like clothes for a growing child. Like shoes because your current ones are … Continue reading Love-Hate Relationship


What Stumps Voice-to-Text Technology?

Accents. Specifically British or Australian accents. (I can't comment on other accents because I haven't worked with those much.) Thankfully, that means I will still have a job captioning videos for awhile. I get more than a few laughs out of each video. I finally got smart and took screenshots so that I could share … Continue reading What Stumps Voice-to-Text Technology?

Yelling Doesn’t Create Matter, You Aren’t God

I’m not an idiot. Even if I was, it is never okay to treat someone this way. I work at the airport. Recently, I started working at the gates. You know, where you board a plane. Or change your seat. Or get a tag for your stroller or walker. Or where they pull up the … Continue reading Yelling Doesn’t Create Matter, You Aren’t God

You’re Never Too Old to Serve Others Age is but a number. Service comes from the heart. There is always something that you can do to help. There is always a way to spread love and compassion. I pray that service becomes a way of life for more of us. That we seek to assist others first. That we put our … Continue reading You’re Never Too Old to Serve Others